The Only Exclusive Supply Chain Practice Leaders’ Meet in India

India Supply Chain Leaders Senate 2023

Taking the Pulse of the New Supply Chain

April 19, 2023 | New Delhi

Welcome to India Supply Chain Leaders Senate 2023!

Global production and consumption markets are constantly shifting. We are entering a period where customer expectations are increasingly diverse, complex, and volatile. Because of which supply chain networks have become increasingly vulnerable to constant disruptions. It is imperative that supply chain strategy mirrors overall business strategy.

These trends have placed supply chains as a boardroom agenda. And now that supply chains have the attention of the board, it is time to step up and make a real change. The India Supply Chain Leaders Senate will bring some of the practice leaders from India Inc. to identify the long-term transformation priorities – Resilience, Agility, and Sustainability, and how we can take targeted actions to shape the supply chains of the future.


E-commerce & retail

Oil & gas


Food & beverage

Agri commodities






Heavy engineering

Auto ancillary

Who Will Attend?

The Senate Themes

The ISCLS will explore the following themes

Transitioning to the new Supply Chain paradigm in India

The Power of Planning, Visibility, and Collaboration. How to decode the emerging trends, and Map the Future of Supply Chains.

It is more than just Logistics

how logistics players can consolidate their strengths to gain competitive advantage.

Bionic Supply Chains

using an ecosystem approach to prioritize and orchestrate the right technology for supply chain.

Does your supply chain have a sustainability Strategy

Building back better – the ecosystem challenge.

Building a New Supply Chain Organization

Building capabilities to drive the new supply chain Function. What expertise will the next generation Supply Chain Leader need?